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The MEDICAL FREEDOM pendant is a comfortable, easy-to-use voice communicator that can be worn around the neck, the wrist, or on your belt to give you peace of mind around the clock, where ever you may be. If you need assistance, all you have to do is press a button. The communicator automatically dials your preprogrammed numbers and works like a miniature cell phone. We can program it to call a friend or neighbor before emergency services, so it's perfect when you just need a simple helping hand - but is always there for you in emergencies. MEDICAL FREEDOM can also be used to answer your home phone, any where you hear it ring. No need to pay for a messaging service.

Arizona Superior Medical Program is a nonprofit program based in Tucson, Arizona. Working in conjunction with Arizona Defense Technologies, began offering the MEDICAL FREEDOM system at no charge in 2009. Our goal is to make this system available to everyone at little or no cost. We make your home a better, safer place for anyone with a disability, or seniors who just want to make their living easier.


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